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I do what I love and I love what I do.

As I recall, I’ve been designing experiences since 1983. As a five year old, I vividly remember arranging and rearranging toothpicks – I’m talking hundreds and hundred of toothpicks – into massive roadway systems and parking lots for my matchbox cars. I would test the traffic flow, analyze, redesign. Alone on the carpet for hours I would do this, until my mom called me to dinner. I would continue the next day and the next, until satisfied with my design… then and only then could I clean it all up and move on to my next project. This was repeated with Lincoln log houses, giant cardboard brick structures, and Lego cities.  I come from a family of engineers, home designers, and builders.

Yet, I had no idea I was made for this until many years later.

Medical School possibilities came and went, as did a few various jobs, most notably as a marine biology and conservation educator, before I landed in web design. In 2004 I thought this was the coolest thing I’d done yet, and I was eating up html with a spoon and slashing though flash and css with a fork and knife – couldn’t get enough. In non-traditional progression (as per my style) print came after web. And I love them both as a mother can love her two children: differently, but equally.

After hitting the growth roof at my in-house role as web manager (technically web master, as the OG’s recall) and senior graphic designer at the South Carolina Aquarium, I ventured out on with my fledgling little wings as Wink Creative Studio in 2010.

Years later the lingo has changed, the languages have multiplied, users have evolved, Lord knows the web is a whole new world, and I have finally found a title that seems to have been tailor made for me – UX designer.  I LOVE designing experiences.


Creative Direction & Strategy
Branding & Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
Content Management

Liz, Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for the Charleston Concert Association. You’ve been awesome.
By Kevin Flarisee

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Kip Bulwinkle

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Maia Siber

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